Chiropractic care at an affordable rate.  We are located in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach California, "Surf City", just outside of Huntington Harbor.  It is not only Dr. Parker's goal to help you feel better as fast as possible but it is to also help educate and aid you in improving your quality of life. He believes in treating people as he would want to be treated. Dr. Parker is devoted to helping people of all ages from newborn babies to those that are young at heart by providing Specific Chiropractic care to those that are serious about improving their health.  He looks forward to serving you and your family. 

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B.J. Palmer (the son of the founder of Chiropractic) believed that the upper cervical area (C1/C2) was the area of critical importance.  He believed that this was the only area of the spine that a true subluxation could exist.  He based this on the understanding that this area of the spine was most vulnerable to cord insult/irritation.

All Patients are checked for this!

Parker Family Chiropractic, 16351 Gothard St., Suite B, Huntington Beach CA, 92647 714-887-8057

Headaches                    Neck Pain                       Muscle Weakness        

Fibromyalgia                 Allergies                          Ringing in Ears    

Arthritis                          Low Back Pain               Pain in Shoulders         

Muscle Spasms             Fatigue                           Tingling in Arms         

PMS                                Scoliosis                         Carpal Tunnel         

Dizziness                        Sciatica                           Nervousness   

Sinusitis                          Stiffness                         Difficulty Sleeping         

Migraine Headaches      Multiple Sclerosis        Arm Pain        

Knee Pain                        Vertigo                           Leg Pain

Swollen Knees                Herniated Discs            Irritable Bowel Syndrome         

Tingling & Numbness     Growing Pains              Asthma         

Trigeminal Neuralgia      Breathing Difficulties   And Many More Reasons.

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